Sunday, November 29, 2015

15 weeks

A few weeks ago JD and I decided that we wanted to go to an ultrasound outside our insurance so we can know sooner what we are having. So I found a place that does it for a reasonable amount of money. I was so nervous as the day came up. I was nervous that we wouldn't be having a boy...not that I wouldn't be happy with a girl, but I know how much my husband wants a son. And he was so sure that it was a boy that I was scared. So I was uber emotional that day. We went to a place called Baby's First Ultrasound in Riverside. And were in and out in a quick amount of time, as soon as the tech put the wand on my tummy she showed us that our little baby is a boy. We were so excited. We are planning his nursery and all that entails. Its so exciting. I already love him so much and can't wait to hold him. As the wand was on my belly she showed us how he was moving like crazy. And because she showed us I now know what it feels like to feel him moving around. Its so amazing.

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